Steam Vent Silencer

Steam Vent Silencers  are  a combination  of  absorptive and reactive type silencers  used  to reduce the noise produced by the expansion of steam or gas from the elevated pressure level to the atmospheric pressure  level. Each  Steam  Vent  Silencer is  designed  to  attenuate the  high as well  as  low  frequency  noise   level   to   the  optimum  sound  level criteria  at  a  given space  from  the silencer. The overall  Steam  Vent  Silencer  dimensions  are  directly  proportional  to  the  flow  rate  of  the  particular  and  desired  noise  reduction.

We can manufacture steam vent silencers for following operations :

    • Drum  Safety  Valve  Vent  Silencer
    • Super Heater
    •  Safety  Valve  Silencer
    • Start-Up  Vent  Silencer
    • Steam  Blowing  Operation

  • Turbine  Warm-Up  Vent  Silencer

Advantages  of  Steam  Vent  Silencer  :

  • Steam safety relief valve discharge
  • Dumping of steam during boiler start up
  • Depressurization of steam lines for system maintenance
  • Steam ejector discharge and exhaust
  • Timeline and Delivery
  • Performance and Durability
  • Product Options
  • Budget

Specifications   of   Steam   Vent  Silencer  :

  • Noise reduction  requirements
  • Selection of  the
  •  appropriate  silencer  sizing  relative  to  the  steam  flow
  • Most cost  effective  approach  to  meet  needs
  • Durability and  performance  for  the  given  application  environment

Applications   of   Steam  Vent   Silencer  :

  • Heat Recovery  Steam  Generators / Boilers
  • Oi l & Gas  Processing
  • Chemical Processing
  • Various General   Industrial   Processes

ANPAM ENGINEERING’s atmospheric absorptive silencer model type BOS can be supplied with or without an inlet diffuser to let down the inlet pressure so that it is suitable to pass through the absorptive part of the silencer at near to atmospheric pressure prior to finally exhausting to atmosphere.

Whether the release of the gas is planned or unexpected, we can offer the most economical approach by optimizing silencer design to produce a guaranteed solution through selection of silencer pressure drop and flow velocities within the silencer appropriate to the duty and noise level required.