Safety Valve Silencers

Noise  in  some  safety  and  control  valves  generates  levels  above  150  dBA / dBC, a  situation  that  is a concern for the technical operations and maintenance of plant. Our silencers reduce the noise generated during atmospheric expansions of steam or gas (vents) during the activation of valves, blow downs and ejectors. Noise exposure increasingly limits system and profitability productivity. Silencers are used to reduce noise in safety valves (PSV), Relief Valves (PRV), starter valves, blow valves, blow downs, ejectors, and discharge tanks.

To understand the noise limits or target in sound pressure level.

  • The Flow conditions
  • The Pressure conditions
  • Sizing
  • Silencer Connection

ANPAM  ENGINEERING represents leading companies in the industry to complete our product line, offering complete solutions for high demanding security industrial installations.

Rarely is a more complex fabrication designed that also requires an outstanding corrosion resistant coating both internally and externally.  The owners felt this complex fabrication had to have an extremely corrosion resistant coating due to its location in a coastal chemical plant. Multiple corrosive atmospheres could attack nearly every coating considered.  These large Discharge silencers also had to have a corrosion resistant system that would provide a long corrosion free life.  Hot-dip galvanizing was chosen as the best system. Internal baffles made coating with any other corrosion protection system nearly impossible.  A full immersion dip in the galvanizing bath provided complete coverage at the most competitive price.

Every  industry  makes  use  of  Safety  Valves  to  protect  systems  against  over  pressure  when  these safety  valves are  opened  to  vent  steam, gas  or  vapour  it  is  often  accompanied  by  excessive  noise  levels. Noise  level  as  high  as  150  to  160  dB (A)  are  not  audible / unacceptable. It  will  affect the  hearing  level  of  employees  and  complaints  may  also  be  received  from  surrounding   residential   areas   or   factories.  ANPAM  ENGINEERING’s   Acoustics   Safety   Valve  Silencer  will reduce  such   noise  to  environmentally  acceptable  levels.  [Such  as   85 dB (A) ]  as  specified  by Indian  pollution  control  boards.

The   following   process   values   are   required   to   make   the   appropriate   selection.

  • Medium
  • Capacity
  • Medium   temperature
  • Pressure before  the  valve  and   after   the   valve
  • Sound   level   required
  • Connection  size