Reactive Silencer

Reactive  Silencer  effectively  controls  noise  in  slow  speed  non-turbocharged  reciprocating  engines. It  offers flexibility  in replacement  applications  allowing  for  dimensional, acoustical  and  aerodynamic  duplicates. In  new construction  the  series  can  be  modified  to  fit  any  unusual configuration.

ANPAM  ENGINEERING   incorporates  multi-chamber  and  baffle-tube  design, providing  superior  broad  band reactive  noise  control. To  minimize  potential  damage  the  unit  also  incorporates  a backfire  relief   vent mechanism.

Advantages  :

  • Highly flexible design is ideal for replacement applications
  • Built to your specific silencing criteria
  • Extensively field proven under wide ranging conditions
  • Easily adapts for retrofit applications
  • Robust construction of heavy duty materials
  • Backfire relief protection

Warranty  :

Mueller Environmental Designs guarantees to meet pressure drop and noise control criteria, warranties against poor workmanship.

Required  Proposal  Datas  :

The following information is required for proposals involving Reactive   Silencers  :

  • Engine Type
  • Exhaust  Flow  and  Temperature
  • Connection Size
  • Allowable  Pressure Drop
  • Silenced   Noise  Requirement
  • Structural  support

Complete  Package  Solutions  :

We  can  provide  complete  system  packages  including  compatible equipment, as  well  as  ancillary items  such  as  controls, platforms, skids, ladders, etc.