Natural Gas Vent Silencers

Natural gas silencers are used to control of noise that arises during venting of natural gases.  The silencers are made up of concentric annular acoustic cylinders enclosed with a robust steel casing with one end dished or flat end and the other end open to atmosphere.

The process gas enters the silencer through a diffuser and passes through the annular space between the acoustic packing where the sound energy is absorbed and escapes to the atmosphere. A weather cowl and bird screen is provided at the outlet of the silencer.

Product  Description   :
Natural  Gas Vent  Silencer  is  used  for  reduce  the  noise  from  the  valve  system. Generate  the  noise will  be created  in high  decibel  frequency. It  may  be  occur  in  condition  of  supersonic. So  in  this type of unwanted noise should be arrest , for this noise arrest using the devise is Vent Silencer into atmosphere in sonic level. In  this  type  of  silencers  used  in  oil  &  gas  industries , Heat  recovery systems, boilers, chemical  industries., etc.,  We  designed  the  silencer  based  on  your  requirement data’s  flow  rate, pressure, temperature . Our  expects  engineers  choose  for  single  stage  diffuser  or Multi  stage  diffuser  pipe  based  on  your  data’s.

Working  Principles  :

From  the  fluid  steam  enters  into  the  silencer. Fluid  occurs  may  be  in  high  flow  passes  into  the silencer. Here  velocity  and  sound  attenuation  is  very  high, so  step  by  step  should  be  decrease  the  velocity  by  using  diffuser  pipe. Diffuser  pipe  will  be  connect  to  the  process  flow  pipe  line. In diffuser  pipe, bores  or  holes  created  on  the  surface  area. It  will  be  help  to  reduce  the  fluid velocity  and  fluid  it  entering  into  the  internal  chamber. In   internal  filled  by  acoustic  materials. Fluid   passes  through  the  acoustic  materials  into  the  atmosphere  or  discharge  area.

The  selection  and  design  of  Natural  Gas   Vent  Silencers  is  dependent  on  the  following  application  specific   factors.

  • Noise  attenuation  requirements
  • Evaluation  of  natural  gas  flow
  • Blow  down  time  limits
  • Most  cost  effective  approach  to  meet  needs
  • Durability  and  performance  for  the  given  application  environment

We offer a powerful solutions at a reasonable cost in response to all the needs in the matter of soundproofing by means of equipment that is either standard or tailor made for which the quality of design and execution meets the highest level of requirement in this area for an efficient fight against noise. The Natural  Gas  Vent Silencers for pressurized gas offered by us allows the reduction of noise for process facilities using pressurized fluids like air, oxygen, nitrogen etc., notably for the chemical industry, oil & gas sector, heavy duty industries and also for power plants.