Motor Silencers

ANPAM  ENGINEERING  offers  an  elbow  type  motor  silencer  employing  aerodynamically  designed long radius elbow baffles (CR = 0.5) for maximum attenuation and minimum pressure drop. Motor silencer  connections  are  selected  to  exactly  fit  the  motor  fan  inlet  diameter  and  the  internal silencer  area  is  matched  to  the  connection  area  so  that  there  are  no  changes  in  air  velocity. The fans on TEFC motors can often result in noise levels approaching 95 dBA, which is considered unacceptable in most industrial settings.


The  noise  reduction  for  this  line  of  Motor  Silencers  is  between  15 dBA  and  35 dBA  for  standard  sized. Higher  noise  reduction  levels  are  available.

Motor  Silencer  accessories   includes  :

  • Acoustic inlet covers
  • Inlet screens
  • Support legs
  • Inspection panels

Noise  generated  from  electric  motor  are  mainly  due  to  cooling  air  movement , bearing  noise, magnetic  noise due  to  cyclic  variation  of  magnetic  forces. Mounting  the  silencers  on  ventilation intake  &  outlet  opening reduces  the  noise  considerably. Larger  capacity  motors  tend  to  emanate noise  from  the  casing  due  to magnetic  forces  which  may  require  acoustic   hood.

ANPAM  ENGINEERING  designed, manufactured  and  delivered  electric  motor  silencers  in  the capacity  of  range  of  600 KW  to  4500 KW.