ID Fan Inlet Silencers

Product   Description   :

Industrial  fan  installations, small  or  large, produce noise. This  fan  noise  is  one  of  the  most predominant  noise  sources  in  an  industrial  plant. The  magnitude  and  intensity  of  noise  will  vary depending  on

  • fan size
  • horse power
  • air flow
  • type and number of blades
  • static pressure
  • rotational speed

Fans  normally  deliver  a  large  volume  of  air  at  relatively  low  static  pressures  usually  measured  in inches  of  water. The  rotating  action  of  vanes  produce  a  broad  band  noise  spectrum  however, the noise  in  mid  to  high  frequency  range  is  heard  to  be  louder  and  requires  to  be  treated  for achieving  noise  control. Generally, silencers  are  used  at  intake  and  discharge  of  fan  installations for  treating  air  borne  noise.

Fan  silencers  usually  require  absorptive  type  design  as  they  are  well  known  for  better attenuation  in  mid  and  high  frequency  range (500-8000 Hz). The  effectiveness  of  absorption material  progressively  reduces  at  frequencies  above  and  below  this  range. The  noise  control  is achieved  by  means  of  absorption. The  acoustic  energy  propagating  through  the  silencer  is effectively  absorbed  into  the  fibrous  absorption  material  and  converted  into  heat  energy. These silencers  generally  employ  straight  through  design  and  have  a  low  pressure  drop  as  it  imposes very  little  restriction  to  the  flow.

Industry  :

  • Cement Industry
  • Iron and Steel Industry
  • Power Plants
  • Petrochemical, Oil & Gas
  • Fertilizer Plants