FD Fan Inlet Silencers

FD  fan  silencers  is  constructed  as  rectangular  type  duct  and  it  have  splitter  type  baffle  for  split the air and reduce sound. Generally in power station, boilers are fired with oil and water tubes extending  through  the  boiler  containing  water  being  heated  by  means  of  air  heaters. Large amount  of  combustion  air

can  be  provided  to  these  air  heaters  by  means  of  a  force  draft (F.D fan)  fan  unit. They  deliver  fresh  air  from  the  atmosphere  through  a  long, vertically  extended air  duct  that  may  include  splitter – type  sound  attenuating  section. The existing splitter arrangement  at  the  inlet  of  the  duct  and  its  lined  with  suitable  attenuation  material  like  mineral wool. This  arrangement give much  pressure  drop across  the length so concentration was focused on to  reduce  the  pressure  drop  while  maintaining  the  noise  level  same  or  reduce  to  some  level.

ANPAM  ENGINEERING   is   a  well known  manufacturer  &  supplier  of  FD  Fan  Silencer. Depending  on  the  application  area, we  make  available  for  our  clients  a  vast  range  comprising  different variants  such  as  blower  suction and  discharge silencers, FD  fan, FD  fan  inlet  and  FD  Fan Silencers. These  are  made  under  the  expert  supervision  of  the  quality  control  team  and  delivered  to  our clients  within  the  stipulated  time. The  use  of  the  best  quality  raw  materials  has  enhanced  our reputation  to  a  greater  extent.

ANPAM  ENGINEERING offers a variety of different inlet silencer designs and configurations to accommodate a wide range of fan applications. When choosing the type of inlet silencer to use, the following factors should be considered.

  • Fan type
  • Duct configuration
  • Allowable pressure drop
  • Required noise reduction

A large selection of accessories are available to customize your fan inlet silencer to meet the needs of your specific application.

  • Weather hoods and cowls
  • Bird and insect screens
  • Matched and drilled flanges
  • Access doors or panels
  • Mounting and support legs
  • Inlet filters