Fan Silencer

Fan Silencer

The wide variety and number of fans and blowers used in industrial processes and ventilation applications  today  represent  one  of  the  leading  contributors  of  noise  related  issues, in  terms  of worker  health  and  safety, and  satisfying  environmental  regulations.

Most often, it  is  necessary  to  silence  the  side  of  the  fan  that  is  open  to  atmosphere, requiring the  use  of  inlet  or  outlet  fan  silencers.

  • Fan inlet silencers
  • Fan outlet (or discharge) silencers

dB  Noise  Reduction  offers  a  number  of  different  absorptive  designs  for  use  on  fan  inlets  and outlets  of  every  type  and  size. We specifically  select  fan  silencers  to  meet  the  noise  reduction needs  of  the  application, taking  pressure  drop  and  space  limitations  into  consideration.

dB  Noise  Reduction  Fan  Silencers  feature  :

  • Fan  Silencers  sized  to  exactly  fit  your  fan
  • No  transitions  or  plenums  required
  • Fan  Silencer  inlet  and  discharge  connections  configured  to  minimize  “system effect”
  • Aerodynamic  nose  design  and  tapered  tails  to  minimize  pressure  drop
  • Double  the  number  of  silencer  baffle  configurations  available  for  more  precise  matching of  Fan  Silencers  to  applications
  • An  extensive  list  of  design  options  and  accessories  to  customize  your  silencer.