Trunking Pipes

ANPAM  ENGINEERING  Products  provides  the  perfect  solution  to  covering  unsightly  pipes  with  a system  that  is  elegant, easy  to  fit  and  suitable  for  horizontal, vertical  and  skirting  applications. Covering  a  range  of  sizes, from 8mm, 22mm the external quality, U.V rated, shatter-resistant  cover guarantees  long  term  performance  and  safety  and  provides  a  cost  effective  method of obtaining a  highly  professional  finish. The cover can be tiled, painted of papered over to match the decor if so required. Installation is simple. Screw clips to the wall, secure pipes and snap on the brilliant white cover.

Advantage  of  Trunking  Pipes  :

  • makes it ideal for use in Silencers, Storage Tanks, Operator  Cabins, Enclosures, Turbines, etc.
  • money efficient
  • performance are  prerequisites
  • All items  are  ex-stock  and  supplied  as standard  requirement  by

Features  :

  • Economical
  • Fire Retardant
  • Convenient and Easy Installation
  • Easy Maintenance and Secure Locking
  • Aesthetic Look
  • Clean and Comfortable.

Applications  :

  • For Cabling Wiring.
  • For Cable Ducting.
  • PVC Trunking (Casing)