Structurals describe hot rolled steel products such as Angles, Channels and Beams. An integral part of construction activity, they give shape and strength to Silencers, buildings, bridges, transmission line towers (TLT), industrial sheds and structures.

ANPAM  ENGINEERING produces an array of products to meet structural requirements allover  India  that includes Medium & Heavy Angles, Channels and Beams (I-Beams & H-Beams) for infrastructure building. Apart from standard dimensions, customized products can also be rolled for special applications, economically and quickly.

As  a  precision  manufacturer  of  a  wide  range  of  metal  parts  and  components, Our  certified welders  and  skilled  Ironworkers  will  also  provide  original  or  replacement  parts  for  manufacturing  of Silencers, equipment

and  machinery. We  are  committed  to  quality, on  time  delivery.

We  are  certified  with  capabilities  including  specialty  welding, prototype  work, CNC  machining, milling  &  turning, plasma  cutting, heavy  equipment  repair, crane  repair  & b roaching. Products include  custom  deck  equipments, elevator  parts, castings  &  stampings.
Materials  worked  include  special  in  abrasive  resistant  steels, carbon  steel, stainless  steel, alloy steels  and  aluminum  in  thickness  from  sheet  metal to heavy plate  for  architectural, entertainment, environmental  and  military  applications.

Product Description  :

  • Packaging & Delivery
  • Packaging Detail :  Electric parts and electric hoist are packed by strong plywood crates.
  • Delivery Detail :  According  to  Clients’