Boiler Components

We  are  leading  designer  and  manufacturer  of  industrial  boiler  plant. For many  years, we have made an impact on power & process plant throughout India also providing specialists for repair, maintenance & installation. We specialize in Manufacturing of all Pressure Parts of a Boiler. The company  is  specialized  in  manufacturing   all tubular  pressure  parts  of  a  boiler  irrespective  of  the parts  of  the  boiler  make  and  design . All  boiler fabrications  are  to  ASME  standards, and  services to  highest  quality  to  meet  of  customers  in  India  and  export markets.

We are manufacturers and exporters of high pressure boiler components that includes :

  • Ducting
  • Industrial Boiler  Components
  • Vessels
  • carbon steel pipe fittings
  • Structurals
  • Tanks

We  are  engineer’s  entrepreneur, meeting  with  the  requirements  of  large  boiler  owners, including  thermal  power  plants  since 1995. We  also  carry  out  fabrication  of  high  pressure boiler  components  in  carbon  steel  and  alloy  steel. Material  as  per  customer’s  drawing /  specifications. Economizers,  super–heaters , shaped  boiler  tubes, finned  tubes, gilled  tubes, studded  tubes  are  in  regular  range  of  products. Catering  the  requirement  of  home  industries, we  also  export  to  various  countries. We  have  an  experienced  staff  taking  complete  care  in precision  fabrication. Inspection  under  IBR  and  3rd  party  undertaken. In  view  of  heavy  stock of  raw  material, short  delivery  period  offered.