Engine Exhaust Silencers with Spark Arrestor

ANPAM  ENGINEERING  is  one  of  the  leading  suppliers  for  Engine  Exhaust  Silencers  with  Spark  Arrestor. Our  silencers  are  used  in  intake  and  exhaust  applications  of  liquid  and  gaseous  fuel  engines. We  offer  the  highest  quality  acoustically  optimized  silencers  at  reasonable  prices, anywhere  in  the  world.

ANPAM  ENGINEERING  Silencers  can be found in a number of industries.

Scope  of  supply  :

We  supply  an  entire  range  of  silencers  for  diesel  and  natural  gas  engines  for  installations  ranging  from  small  to  large, as  well  as  all  of  the  necessary  accessories.

We  supply  customised intake  and  exhaust  flow  silencers  for  every  type  of  industrial  application.

Silencers  can  be  designed  to  fit  the  shape  of  any  casing (round, rectangular  or oval), using  a  wide range  of  materials. Inlets  and  outlet  will  be  arranged  as  required  by  the  customer.

Spark arrestors  :

On  request, our  silencers  can  be  equipped  with  integrated  spark  arrestors. These specially developed arrestors – feature  the  following  characteristics  :

  • Compact  design
  • High  separation  of  particles
  • Best  solution  for  maritime  and  off-shore  applications
  • Easy  cleaning  of  collection  chamber
  • Good  flow  distribution  resulting  in  low  pressure  drop

Our specific design reflects:

  • The  choice  of  material  in  accordance  with  aero-thermal  requirements
  • Extremely  robust  and  thermal  load  resistantdesign  of  internal  structures  using  FEM calculations
  • Special  care  is  taken  with  the  absorbing  materials  using  protective  layers  between perforated  sheets  and  the  absorption  material  in  order  to  guarantee  a  long  life.

Application  :                                                                        

The  Engine Exhaust  Silencer  with  Spark  Arrestor   is  recommended  for  use  on  the  exhaust  of engines  employed  in  marine  applications  or  areas  where  fire  hazards  may  exist. The  spark arrestor  is  design  to  remove  burning  carbon  particles  from  the  exhaust  gas  going  to  the  atmosphere. Specific  Noise  problems  or  applications  should  be  discussed  with  the factory  personnel.

Design  :

The Engine  Exhaust  Silencer  with  Spark  Arrestor  is  design  as  a  single  or  multi – chambered  silencer  with  carbon  trap. We  incorporate  a  stationary  device  which  creates  a  rotational  force that  directs  sparks  toward  the  silencer  wall  and  into  a  carbon  trap. The  remaining  exhaust  gas then  passes  through  the  perforated  tubes  and  silencing  chamber  to  the  atmosphere. The  silencer is  designed  for  horizontal  or  vertical  installation. Individual  dimensional  drawings  are  available  on request.