Silencers for a wide range of applications are manufactured by us. They could either be for process gases, air, steam vent noise etc., or for applications…


Sound Proof Cabin

When the presence of the operator is rarely required close to the equipments or where the controls of the equipments could be taken inside a control room…


Acoustic Enclosures

In industrial environments, reverberation and reflected noise from machinery can easily exceed statutory limits and cause a serious health risk to production…


ANPAM ENGINEERING  is  an  ISO 9001 : 2008  certified  organization  engaged  in  the  manufacturing  of  Noise  pollution  Control  Systems

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Our latest products for your expectation in Silencers, Sound Proof Cabin, Acoustic Enclosures. We undergo Design, Engineering, Manufacturing & Supply of Silencers for Steam, Gas & Air, Acoustic Enclosures for Turbines, Compressors, Blowers & Noisy Machineries & Sound Proof Cabins for Operators, etc,. Our registered office and work area is located at Mathur, Tamil Nadu 10 Kms away from Tiruchirapalli. We are happy to inform you that all your expectations will met with us and we have the added advantage of supplying the product at the low cost and on-time delivery. We introduce ourself as one of the ISO 9001:2008 certified South Indian manufacturers and suppliers of Noise Control Equipment's like Industrial Silencers (Steam, Air, Gas), Acoustic Enclosures, Sound proof cabins and other Noisy machine enclosures (like Turbine, Compressor etc).

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